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Compiling SWFs From TextMate With the Flex SDK

I finally feel like I’m all growds up.

Perhaps some details about this transition will follow in the coming days. But let me just say that this is the post that finally got me up and running with the Flex 3.3 SDK and TextMate. I’m not sure how often I’ll use this method. It’s way too soon to tell one way or another. I’m only now trying to figure out what Flex can do compared to Flash. My impression is that Flex isn’t as adept at doing totally custom visual experiences, but I could very well be totally wrong about that.

Two quick notes:

  • I couldn’t figure out why the flashlog.txt output wasn’t getting updated each time I compiled the SWF. Turns out I simply wasn’t opening the SWF after compiling it. Gotta open the SWF to generate the output text!

  • Which leads me to wonder, from TextMate can I quickly compile the SWF and open it in the Flash Player right away?