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Splitcaster Tip #4: Fixing Errors

If you use Splitcaster for any amount of time, there will be times that you need to fix errors that crop up. Sometimes these are user errors (because no one is perfect) and sometimes Splitcaster has labeled a split distance incorrectly (because Splitcaster isn’t perfect either!). I’m going to quickly walk through the most common errors and how to fix them.

1. You recorded a split on accident

We’ve all been there. The fact is, with the iPhone’s touch screen, it can be very easy to accidentally “press” a button. But it’s very easy to fix this. Swipe left or right on the split and the red DELETE button will appear. Hit that DELETE button and the errant split goes away. Or, you can tap on the split you recorded by accident to reveal the Split Detail screen. Then tap the trash can icon located at the bottom of the screen. Problem solved!

2. Splitcaster guessed a split distance incorrectly

One of Splitcaster’s strengths is that it lets you take splits when you want and it automatically labels the split distances for you. But it’s not perfect. Sometimes it will label a split distance incorrectly. The good news is that you can easily override the error and set the split distance manually. To do so, simply tap on the incorrect split to bring up the Split Detail screen. Then tap on either the Split Distance or Total Distance. From there you can set the distance manually. This is especially useful if you didn’t set a Goal Time in the race settings and then the first split you record wasn’t for the first full lap.

3. You hit SPLIT instead of STOP when the race ended

What do you do if you hit the SPLIT button when you meant to hit STOP when the race finished? Simple. Just hit the STOP button to stop the stopwatch. You’ll likely have the last two splits showing the same total distance. But the second-to-last split is the real finish. So just swipe to delete the last split you recorded when you hit STOP. Problem solved.

4. Things have gotten messy

Let me share a real world example that happened when I was timing races at the 2012 Payton Jordan meet. I was timing one of the women’s 5000m races and I hadn’t set a Goal Time. Since I was sitting at the finish line, I wasn’t recording splits for 400m, 800m, 1200m, etc. Instead I was recording splits for 200m, 600m, 1000m, etc. That’s no problem at all. But after recording the third split, I noticed that things were all screwed up. Splitcaster happily reported that the women were on pace for a finish time of around seven and a half minutes for 5000 meters! And my splits of 200m, 600m, and 1000m were labeled as 400m, 1200m, 2000m. Big problem? Not really. Fixing the error was actually very easy. All I had to do was tap on the first split I recorded. I then changed the split distance from 400m to 200m. Problem solved. Splitcaster corrected all the splits that came after that as well.

The Bottom Line: Experiment

Take a little time to experiment with Splitcaster. Make mistakes on purpose. Fix the mistakes. Doing so will make you understand how the app works. And the more you understand how it works, the more you can trust it and the more enjoyment you can get out of it. And the more likely you are to write ★★★★★ reviews on the App Store ;)