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Flash-like Effects Without Flash, Might Suck.

The Macheist nanobundle is up, and the site has some Flash-like elements created without Flash. When viewed in Safari 4 on my Mac, everything probably looks as intended. But there are some issues with trying to create these eye-candy effects without Flash.

  • It causes some noticeable lag in the browser. These pieces of eye candy would be no sweat for Flash, but it’s causing Safari to run a little slow, especially when scrolling on the page.
  • This because it’s really, REALLY hogging the CPU. And what for? A scroller that shows what people are saying about Macheist on Twitter. And a subtle pulsing glow under the selected product.
  • The initial draw-in effect, where these dish covers are pulled off of the products only shows in Safari, not Firefox. I’m not going to test in Opera. And I’m sure they don’t care how it looks on Windows browsers. And that effect kills the CPU and doesn’t look very smooth.

Look, if you want to do eye-candy stuff, just use Flash. It’s better in every way for this kind of thing. If you hate Flash, why try to mimic what it can do if you are going to come up way short? I’m sure the development time to make this was considerably longer than if it had been done in Flash, too. I really don’t get it.

As an added bonus, the play/pause/scrub controls on the pop up video player didn’t work for me.

I will say that they animated gears that show up when processing the order look very slick.

Oh, but you should grab the free bundle while you can. If only for Write Room.