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"Fun" With the iTunes Store

Today I tried to download an update to an iPhone app and was greeted by this:

Update Account

Okay, so the AIM username I’ve been using to buy stuff from iTunes isn’t allowed anymore. Lame, but I’ve also wanted to ditch that account and switch to my Apple ID. Looks like this is my chance. So, I click on the Update Account button and get this:

Get Started

I click the Continue button and get this awesome response:


I get that over and over again throughout the day. When I finally got the screen I was really looking for, I was prompted to pick an Apple ID (which is just your full email address) and password. I go ahead and punch in my current Apple ID and password, hit Continue, and get shut out. It won’t let me use my current Apple ID. What?! I have to pick a new one? So I’ll have one Apple ID for the Apple Store and the Apple forums and another simply for iTunes? This is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

Sure, I can login to iTunes with my current Apple ID and the stuff I bought with my old AIM ID will still play because my computer is authorized to do so. But what happens when I get a new computer and try to authorize it? It no longer takes my AIM ID. I’m screwed. What’s going to happen when I try to update the iPhone Apps I bought with the AIM ID? Well, it doesn’t exactly work. This is what happens:

  • iTunes tells me I need to update some iPhone Apps that I bought with my AIM ID. At least I still have the 1 in the circle next to my Applications in my iTunes LIBRARY. And that Applications page says “1 Update Available” on the bottom of the screen.
  • I click that “1 Update Available” button
  • …and since I’m currently signed in with my existing Apple ID, I get this message:

No Updates

By the way, I can’t sign back into iTunes with my AIM ID. I’m currently screwed. I can’t update my apps. Thanks Apple.

The solution is simple: Let me update my iTunes account by using my existing Apple ID. It is crazy that I have to pick another Apple ID just for iTunes. The fact that an Apple ID is an email address makes this all the more ridiculous. Make it happen!

Update: Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looks like I’m forced to get another Apple ID just for iTunes, but I’ve been getting this message when I’ve tried over the past couple of days. This is beyond stupid, Apple.