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Splitcaster Tip #2: How to Use a Button

Seriously. It’s worth pointing out that pressing buttons in Splitcaster (actually, in pretty much all well written iOS apps) doesn’t do anything. It’s when you release that button that the action is taken. Why is this worth pointing out? Because, once you know this, it makes timing races and taking splits that much easier and more accurate with Splitcaster.

For example: When a race is about to begin, press and hold the green START button. You’ll notice that the button has turned gray, indicating that it’s pressed down. Then, while you’re holding down the START button, keep your eye on the starter’s gun. As soon as you see smoke from the gun, release the START button. The same goes for taking splits. Press and hold the SPLIT button. Then wait for your athlete to start a new lap and simply release the button. You get the idea. Not only is this easier than keeping your thumb hovering over the button and blindly stabbing at it while you’re watching the race, it’s also more accurate because there’s less delay between something happening and you recording what happened.

One final note: What if you press a button and realize you don’t want to take any action? No problem. Just drag your finger far enough off of the button until it switches from gray back to its original color. No harm done.