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Hype Is Hype

Hype, a new tool for making “beautiful HTML5 web content” is out. Based on what I see in the gallery, they couldn’t have picked a better name for it.

To see my favorite part in their marquee demo:

  • Click the WHERE button
  • Then Scenic Route
  • Then Long Route

Ah yes… This reminds me of bad Flash sites from ten years ago. Also note: The back button doesn’t work. Awesome.

Really, this one is worthy of being featured as a demo? Refresh the page if you missed the coolness.

This lens flare thing is just horrible. It’s like Flash from twelve years ago. At least add some blurs to those circles. HTML5/CSS3 does support blurring, right?

The best part? It’s $30! (That exclamation point indicates incredulousness, not excitement.) I thought maybe this was a new open source framework for making HTML5 animations. Nope. It’s a commercial product.

Maybe they need to put this tool in the hands of people who can make things that are actually impressive. But these demos are sad. I predict the links in this blog post will be dead in a matter of weeks when better stuff crops up and they try to hide what they are showing off now.

John Gruber said “Fire up their gallery of examples on your iPad or iPhone and get a glimpse of the future.” I agree that HTML5 (and related technologies) is the future of the web. No doubt. But the future doesn’t need to look and act like bad Flash. There is a ton of great HTML5 stuff out there. But this? Based on the demos they are showing off? It’s a tool for making crap.