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I Can't See the Crop Tool!

I ran into this issue a while ago and wanted to post the fix. On my white MacBook, I was having the hardest time in the world seeing the outline of the Photoshop CS4 crop tool. It made it a huuuge pain in the butt to make precise, to-the-pixel, crops. I thought it was just the screen, since it isn’t the great screen in the world, even for a laptop. But I quickly realized it really wasn’t the screen. Take a look at what my crop tool was looking like on my MacBook:

Crop Light

Compare that very subtle outline to the nice contrasty outline of the crop tool on my iMac (notice how the outline is white when it’s over a dark area and black when it’s over a light area):

Crop Dark

Nice… now that’s a tool that I can work with!

Sure, I could turn on the “shielding” option of the crop tool so I could better see what it’s cropping. But that doesn’t solve the problem because when you drag the crop tool handles, the outline doesn’t update in real time. So, getting that to-the-pixel crop is still hard.

Well, the problem is with the GPU acceleration in Photoshop CS4. I had to turn it off.



Uncheck that check box!!

I’m guessing that the GPU on my MacBook (the Intel GMA X3100 chip) isn’t really supported by CS4, even though it lets you select it. At any rate, if you disable OpenGL Drawing, the crop tool reverts back to the “marching ants” outline that we’ve known for years. Problem solved.