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iPad Multitasking *would* Be Nice

I just got my first real urge for multitasking on the iPad. I was watching a game on the MLB At Bat app, during a commercial break, and I wanted to check my email. Or Twitter. Or RSS. Or look up something on the web. But it takes too long (read: 15-30 seconds) to open the MLB app and get the game streaming again. So it doesn’t seem worth it. Usually closing an app isn’t a big deal because it’s fast and easy to open it back up. Not so with this MLB At Bat app.

I, and the rest of the tech world, will be flabbergasted if OS 4.0 doesn’t add 3rd party multitasking. I’m just wondering how it will work. How will you leave an app but keep it open? How will you close an app? Will the default Home button action change?

My interest is piqued.