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iTunes Movie Rental Disappeared

Sorry, I don’t have a fix for this (besides emailing iTunes support and having them re-queue the rental for you so you can re-download it). I’m just trying to get a sense of what other people are experiencing.

The other night I rented a movie on iTunes. It was downloading quickly enough, so I started watching it while it was still downloading.

About 11 minutes into watching, it froze and iTunes hung. After force quitting and relaunching, the rental was gone. Checking for available downloads didn’t fix it. Signing out of and back into iTunes didn’t fix it.

Steps to reproduce might look something like this:

  • Run iTunes 10.5 in OS X Lion 10.7.2
  • Run iTunes in full screen
  • Start downloading rental
  • Watch it in full screen while it downloads
  • Wait for download to complete in the background, which will cause iTunes to freeze
  • Relaunch iTunes and see that the rental is gone and you can’t re-download it

Is this what happened for everyone else who had an iTunes movie rental vanish on them?

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