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Lensbaby Composer

I finally took the plunge and purchased a Lensbaby Composer a week ago. I decided to add on the new super wide angle adapter, the macro filters, and a single glass element. It showed up Tuesday and I immediately had a blast with it while hanging out with my friend Jessica in Berkeley. It’s really like getting a second life in photography. If you feel like you are kind of stuck in a rut, I’d suggest you check it out.


One thing that’s so exciting about it is that it’s very affordable. Okay, the Composer itself is $270, which isn’t exactly cheap. BUT, the super wide angle adapter was only around $80. The macro kit was only about $35 and the single glass optic that I can use in place of the double glass optic that shipped with the Composer, was only $35. The swappable optics are the really exciting part of this. Between the double glass, single glass, and wide angle adapter, I’ve basically got four different combinations for less than $400. And I’m certainly going to be getting the other two optics (plastic and pinhole). Lots of lenses for not a lot of money. Since the only lens I had for my 40D is the 85mm f1.2, I was really in need of something that would be more versatile and this really filled that void.


Now the bad news. An hour before my birthday party started yesterday, I was pulling the cap off of the super wide angle adapter while it was attached to the Composer and the Composer essentially ripped apart at the seams. It was not pretty. I’ll be kind to the Lensbaby peeps and not post a picture of it. I’m being nice because their Director of Customer Happiness emailed me tonight and said they would ship me a new one right away. That’s service. A response at 9:30pm on a Sunday. But probably more importantly is they are doing the swap the right way: sending me a new one before they even get the broken one back from me. Outstanding. I can’t wait to get it in my hot little hands!