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LinkedIn Woes

I’ve been getting LinkedIn “Friend Requests” in my inbox on a regular basis for weeks now. Ordinarily, I would just ignore these. But seeing as how I’m actively looking for work for the first time in my career, LinkedIn seems like it might hold some value for me for the first time in my career.

But here’s the problem. These requests end up in my Gmail account because that’s the email address most people have for me in their address books. My LinkedIn account is old and uses my old Yahoo! address. Trying to add my Gmail address to my existing LinkedIn account is an exercise in futility, despite the fact that multiple email addresses is a supported feature (and a recommended practice!). For weeks, I’ve been getting the following error when I try to add an email address:

Linkedin Fail

Until this is fixed, I can’t really use LinkedIn. I’m not going to start a new account using my Gmail address. I’d lose all the work I did on my existing profile and I’d lose all of my “friends.”

So don’t feel bad if I’ve been ignoring your LinkedIn “Friend Requests.” It’s really not my fault.

And even better is the fact that I’m unable to send a support email to LinkedIn using the form in their Help Center. What an amazing waste of time. Come to think of it, it’s probably best that LinkedIn doesn’t have a current email address for me.