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Making Task Entry Faster in Things Touch

When entering new tasks in Things Touch, I usually just name the task and file it in my Inbox to deal with later. But sometimes I want to tag them and/or file them away immediately. I find that tagging and filing away can take one step too many: choose the tag or project/area and then tap to go back to the task. Let’s make that faster.

Things Touch allows you to apply multiple tags to a task. That’s great. But often times I just want to quickly apply one, such as “errand” or “mac.” It would be nice if you could simply double-tap on a tag (or a project/area name) to quickly select it and go back to my task. This would eliminate the need to select the tag or project/area and then click the Done or Back button. Also, the fact that the button to go back is in two different places depending on if you are tagging the task or assigning it to a project/area makes this process a little bit more tedious. “So, I pick the tag or project and then either tap the button on the top left OR the top right, depending. Too many things for my feeble brain to think about!”

It might not sound like a big savings in time or effort, but I think that these sorts of small improvements make a huge difference in the overall feel of the app.

And, yes, I got this idea from my experiment with OmniFocus for iPhone, which allows you to set only a single context for a task, but doing so is very quick on the iPhone.