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Max OS X Dashboard Widget Font All Wrong

I recently (as in, yesterday) moved over from an iMac to a MacBook Pro. OS X is generally pretty good about moving all of your files and settings over for you. But there are some hiccups in the process and one that I just found has to do with the font used on the Dashboard Widgets. Earlier today I hit F12 to bring up the dashboard and some of the widgets looked wrong wrong wrong. See for yourself:

widgets gone wild

The problem is simple: There is a conflict with the Helvetica Neue font. That’s the font that comes with OS X that’s used all over the system, including the built in widgets. I had added a 3rd party of the font to use on a client’s project about a year ago and those font names conflict. For some reason, in moving to the MacBook Pro, OS X decided that it would use the 3rd party version rather than the built in version. This is great for the client’s project, not good for the look of the OS.

Turns out that the solution was simple, too, thankfully. I simply had to deactivate all of the 3rd party Helvetica Neue faces in Font Book. Actually, first I had to enable them all in Font Book, and then I could immediately disable them again. That solved the problem. I don’t think you need to reboot or anything. Just deactivate them and then bring up the Dashboard again. Everything should look good after that. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what to tell you. If you find a better solution, please post it in the comments below :)

lots of neue

Now going the opposite direction, that is, using the 3rd party version instead of the built in version, is another story. I think they explain how to do that here:

Good luck!