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Old San Francisco

This site has been going around the interwebs for a while and I finally took a look at it. As luck would have it, there was a dot on Irving Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenue, which is exactly where I used to live. I clicked the dot to load the picture.

225 Irving

After I got my bearings it hit me: the building on the far right is my old building, looking very much like it looks today. The 3rd floor apartment was mine. And here’s an interior shot of the window that faces due west.

West Window

I love San Francisco. Or at least the idea of it. When I go back now I’m happy I moved away. But I have tons of great memories from living in that place. And I love old pictures. So I probably got a little bit too much satisfaction out of seeing this. It also explains why I like “Bullitt” more than anyone probably should.