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The reward of a thing well done...


Richard Grefé, AIGA executive director, urging the Obama Administration to cancel the Art Works poster contest:

This demonstrated lack of respect for the value of creative endeavors is exacerbated by the stipulation that ownership of all the creative property submitted, whether or not selected, is transferred to the campaign. And it is particularly contemptuous to ask the creative community to donate their services in support of a jobs program for other American workers.

What an embarrassment. Do work. Give up all rights to said work. Do it FOR FREE. And do it in the name of creating jobs. Holy WTF.

Find My iPhone Might Not Be On

Last night I lost my iPhone. Somehow. In my small apartment.

After making a few rounds, continually checking the same places over and over again, I realized I could use the Find My iPhone feature to make it beep at me. So I fired up the app on my iPad to do just that. But no such luck because the app was telling me that location services for my iPhone were turned off. What?!

I eventually found my phone (my girlfriend had laid down on the couch, on top of my phone, and fallen asleep). So I was able to confirm that, indeed, the Find My iPhone feature was turned on. But it wasn’t working. I had to toggle the setting, turning it off and back on again, to make it work. Had to do the same drill with my iPad.

It might have to do with the fact that, since iOS 5 came out, I started using a Apple ID for the iCloud features. So, previous to iOS 5, I’d used my MobileMe account for all the syncing features and the Find My Phone feature. Now I’m using the same Apple ID I’ve used for iTunes purchases since 2003. Perhaps something in that transition caused the Find My iPhone feature to stop working.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve updated to iOS 5, and you want to use the Find My iPhone feature (why wouldn’t you?) please confirm that the feature is actually working for you before you lose the phone and need to use the feature.

Lone Fir

Walking back home from lunch this afternoon I decided I should take a detour through Lone Fir Cemetery. I’d wanted to go for some time and with the changing leaves and late October light, today seemed like a great time to do so.

All photos shot with my iPhone 4 and then given a little attention in Aperture and Flare.

1080p From iPhone 4S

I thought, 1080p from a phone? Yeah, that’s going to look like crap. And it’s just going to mean bigger files to deal with on my computer. But, mostly, it won’t actually look much better than the 720p videos my iPhone 4 shoots.

Holy crap I was wrong. The video quality this camera captures is nothing short of amazing. Go to Vimeo and watch this in HD. Hopefully your screen runs at a high enough resolution to really appreciate it.

Still, I’m sticking to my guns and passing on the 4S. I don’t qualify for the subsidy until March, so I’m just holding out until the next phone hits. I just hope it isn’t another 16 months from now.

PSA: The Internet Is CREEPY

Facebook is back at it again, suggesting that I be friends with some members of the opposite sex with whom I went on a single date. And, in one case, someone who I dated for a few weeks. Four people in total over the past two days. So far.

So what?

Besides the fact that Facebook did this over a year ago and I explicitly said I didn’t want to be “friends” with them, let’s think about how Facebook would know I have any link to these people in the first place. By the way, you no longer have the option to tell Facebook when they suggest someone YOU DO NOT IN A MILLION YEARS want to be Facebook friends with.



“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” -Steve Jobs



The design of this press release really is quite smart (more so if you’re familiar with the iPhone’s standard app icons).

Choices Choices...

Keli recently signed up to play with cats for two hours a day, one day a week. Seriously, she was all over that (“Is there a catch?!”). To cover their bases (just in case kittens decide to maul her, which would be the cutest way to get seriously injured) the Multnomah County Animal Services requires her to list an emergency contact. Me. Choosing my relationship to her proved to be… interesting.

Fall Is Here


November, 2010

Keli said that last night she heard autumn arrive.

I’m excited.