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Weird OS 10.7 Lion Audio/Video Problems (and How to Fix It)

NOTE If this post saves your sanity and keeps you from rebooting five times a day, please consider purchasing either of my iPhone apps: Split Finder or Splitcaster. Thanks :)

HINT: If you’re having the same problem as me, restarting ‘coreaudiod’ solves the problem. You can do that either from Activity Monitor or by running this command in Terminal: sudo killall coreaudiod

See below for more details.

Anyone else having audio/video playback issues with 10.7 Lion? From time to time, much more often than I’d like, audio and video playback breaks. The symptoms are as follows:

What's New in Splitcaster 1.1


So what’s new in Splitcaster 1.1? Let me quickly explain a few of the key changes.

Faster Race Creation

When creating a new race, the settings default to what was used for the last race you created. This should make creating a new race much faster and easier to do. In v1.0, new races were always 1600m races on 400m tracks with an estimated finish time of 5:00. Now the meet name, race distance and lap size are duplicated from the last race you created. So if you are at the Stanford Invite and just timed the first of many 5000m races, the next race you time won’t require any additional configuration (unless you want to change the athlete’s name and estimated finish time).

That's Just Sad

I guess I need to expand my selection of hip-hop sung with a Jamaican accent.

Get Busy

Gotta Love Yahoo!

The folks picking stock photos at Yahoo! are getting lazy.

Look, water makes you skinny!

Yahoo Water Good

No wait! It makes you fat!

Yahoo Water bad

Ten Myths About Introverts

If there is too much talking and noise going on, they shut down.


Myth #10 – Introverts can fix themselves and become Extroverts

both via 10 Myths About Introverts

Last night I was talking to my friend Jessica about introverts vs. extroverts. I can relate to a lot of what’s said in this post. I am afraid it leans just the slightest bit towards having an “introverts are better than extroverts” slant, but overall I like it. I think it’s a good read for anyone, whether they are an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between.

While I’m on the subject, why do I get the sense that some introverts are actually ashamed or embarrassed of being introverted? To some people, you’d think that being an introvert was akin to being gay in a red state.

Thanks to @scotttam for sharing this on Twitter.

Actually, he linked to a Tumblr post that pulled the top ten list from the page I linked to.

Splitcaster at the Prefontaine Classic


This past weekend was a big one for Splitcaster. Here’s a brief rundown of what Splitcaster was used for at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon:

  • Timed and broadcast a WR in the rarely run 30000m
  • Provided the best live coverage of the world-class Women’s 5000m race
  • Timed and broadcast a HS record in the Two Mile

Issues With WordPress and HTTP Authentication

Quite some time ago, but WordPress blog was hacked. I managed to clean everything up and get things working again thankfully. One measure to help secure it in the future was to password protect the wp-admin area with an .htaccess file. Now it seems that this is causing problems for visitors because anyone who comes to my site is asked to enter a username and password. If they land on the main index, a page within the blog, or a specific post in the blog, they are asked to log in. Each time they nav to a new page. They can simply hit CANCEL to move on, but this is a really horrible user experience.