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Safari Reader to the Rescue

This post could also be titled Using Safari Reader to get around the NY Times paywall


Not only can you use Safari Reader to send multipage articles to Instapaper, you can also use to to get around the NY Times “paywall.” It really couldn’t be simpler. If you get that overlay telling you that you’ve read too many articles this month, just hit the Reader button in the address bar. Voilà.

You’re welcome.

Harold Camping Predicts October Date for the Apocalypse -

“I can tell you very candidly that when May 21 came and went it was a very difficult time for me, a very difficult time,” said Mr. Camping, 89, a former civil engineer. “I was truly wondering what is going on. In my mind, I went back through all of the promises God has made, all of the proofs, all of the signs and everything was fitting perfectly, so what in the world happened? I really was praying and praying and praying, oh Lord, what happened?”

via Harold Camping Predicts October Date for the Apocalypse -

I’m really not even sure what to say about someone being so upset that the world didn’t end.

Hype Is Hype

Hype, a new tool for making “beautiful HTML5 web content” is out. Based on what I see in the gallery, they couldn’t have picked a better name for it.

To see my favorite part in their marquee demo:

  • Click the WHERE button
  • Then Scenic Route
  • Then Long Route

Ah yes… This reminds me of bad Flash sites from ten years ago. Also note: The back button doesn’t work. Awesome.

LinkedIn Woes

I’ve been getting LinkedIn “Friend Requests” in my inbox on a regular basis for weeks now. Ordinarily, I would just ignore these. But seeing as how I’m actively looking for work for the first time in my career, LinkedIn seems like it might hold some value for me for the first time in my career.

But here’s the problem. These requests end up in my Gmail account because that’s the email address most people have for me in their address books. My LinkedIn account is old and uses my old Yahoo! address. Trying to add my Gmail address to my existing LinkedIn account is an exercise in futility, despite the fact that multiple email addresses is a supported feature (and a recommended practice!). For weeks, I’ve been getting the following error when I try to add an email address:

Watch Your Permissions!

I was working on getting this Autodesk project into my online portfolio and was having a problem: The videos wouldn’t play back from the server. Everything worked fine when testing locally on my machine. But from the server, the videos wouldn’t load. But then I got a clue. One of the groups of videos did work! Score! But why? Were they different file types and maybe my web server refused to recognize one of the types I was using? I’ve run into issues before where a server didn’t recognize a file type and simply changing the extension fixed the problem. But that didn’t make sense. I had a couple dozen of these videos and I created them with the same settings. So why did some of the videos work but most didn’t?

Then I saw it, as I compared the file info.

Removing Finder Sidebar Items in Snow Leopard and Lion

Can’t delete Finder sidebar items in Snow Leopard 10.6 or Lion 10.7? You can no longer drag them out of the Finder sidebar to get rid of them?

Same problem here. But the fix is simple. Try holding the Command key as you drag them off of the sidebar. Do they vanish in a poof of smoke now? Good. I’m sure that’s new. Right? You used to just drag them off. Right? Maybe? I dunno.

Xcode: Adding Core Data to Existing Project

This was a head scratcher.

I’m adding Core Data to an existing project that’s currently storing its data with Keyed Archives. So, step one of doing that is simply cloning my existing project so I can start reworking the plumbing, so to speak, without worrying about screwing things up horribly (because I most certainly will).

Xcode 4 and BetterTouchTool Problem?

I’ve been using and, for the most part, enjoying Xcode 4 for the past month or two. But there’s been one really horrible problem I’ve been having with it. For reasons I can’t figure out, there would be times when it would become unresponsive. Or, more accurately, there would be a lag between when you do something and when it would actually happen. So, I could click someplace, but I would have to click again until the first click would be applied. And then the next time I did something, either clicking or typing, the second click would be applied. I could type a bunch of text but it wouldn’t appear until I clicked someplace on the interface. Then all the text would appear. I also couldn’t Command-Tab back to Xcode.