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Split Finder 1.1

I recently updated Split Finder to version 1.1. Then, sadly, I noticed a crash that could occur under certain situations. So I fixed that and submitted it to Apple. Wouldn’t you know it? The one time I submit an update that I really want to have approved quickly is the one time Apple took over a week to approve it. They must have moved a bunch of people from the iOS approval room to the Mac App Store approval room.

Split Finder Time Entry

Getting a Refund From iTunes for a Rental Gone Bad

I’ll just share the email exchange with Apple rather than explain the problem I had with iTunes.

I sent the following email to iTunes support two different ways. First, within iTunes, you can report a problem with a particular order. So I sent this message that way. I also sent a message by going to Apple site and drilling down until I got to this form specific for video rentals.

Here’s my initial email to Apple:

Split Finder for iOS

Not too long ago, I wrote a quick reaction to Matt Mullenweg’s post that was essentially about shipping products before they are perfect since perfection is moving target that you’ll never hit.

So shortly before Christmas, my first iOS app, Split Finder, hit the App Store. A couple of days later, I released version 1.0.1 and am now working on version 1.1, which will make time entry dramatically faster than it is now.

Split Finder still isn’t perfect. I’ve got a list of features I’m thinking about adding. A lot of them I probably won’t add, because that will distract from the focus of the app. But it’s very exciting to have a real, live product out in the wild that anyone can buy and hopefully get some use out of. Getting version 1.0 out the door was the biggest hurdle. Refining is much easier by comparison.

Just Ship It

You think your business is different, that you’re only going to have one shot at press and everything needs to be perfect for when Techcrunch brings the world to your door. But if you only have one shot at getting an audience, you’re doing it wrong.

The following line is probably exactly what I needed to read as I’m working on putting together my first iPhone app for commercial release. This is doubly difficult because (a) I’m still learning the technologies that go into iPhone apps and (b) I’ve never sold a creation directly to consumers.

But if you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version you waited too long.

via 1.0 is the Loneliest Number - Matt Mullenweg.

Read this if you are in the business of making things.

Also, Matt, I miss the old look of your blog.

Giving the Media a Bad Name

They Think We’re Smoking Weed | NBC Bay Area.

The sub-headline for this story, from an NBC website:

“The good folks in Dallas apparently think Giants fans all smoke pot.”

But if you watch the video that “proves that Dallas thinks all Giants fans smoke weed,” it’s pretty clear they didn’t even come close to implying that. But I guess I’m the idiot for falling for the link-bait. Having said that, it’s a funny clip.