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Paladino Strongly Defends Remarks on Homosexuality -

“My feelings on homosexuality are unequivocal,” Mr. Paladino said on “Today.” “I have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. My only reservation is marriage.”

He added, “I have a lot of homosexuals working in my organization,” referring to his real estate business.

Sounds a lot like “I don’t have a problem with blacks. As long as my daughter doesn’t marry one of them.” He added, “I’m not a racist. One of my best friends is black.”

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Lies That Experts Tell Us

Avedon Works

I was just listening to this KQED Forum broadcast from July 24, 2009 about Richard Avedon’s exhibit at the SF MOMA. I had to turn it off after eight minutes. The “expert” they are interviewing twice said things along the line of “Avedon felt that this portrait showed the real Marilyn Monroe” or “the real Duke and Duchess of Windsor.”

Bull. Shit.

Avedon knew better than anyone that you can’t capture someone’s essence in a photograph.

Why Pay for More?

Hi Speed

I’m worried that Comcast is going to somehow figure out I’m getting these kinds of speeds when I’m only paying for ~50% of this kind of performance. Why should I actually pay for the 20Mbps or 30Mbps or 50Mbps level when I’m already getting this? What really gets me is that I almost never get to take full advantage of these speeds. iTunes rarely serves up movies at 2+MB/s. It’s usually around 500KB/s¹. The other day even YouTube wasn’t able to serve up low-res videos fast enough to keep them from stopping to buffer. And don’t even get me started on

Point being: What’s the use of having a connection that can download 2, 3, or even 4 megaBYTES per second if web servers can’t serve up content that fast?

¹In all fairness, though, iTunes does serve up content quickly sometimes. Mad Men in HD has come in at over 1MB/s at times. And podcasts tend to come in super fast. But, c'mon. Apple doesn’t have the resources to serve up content at top speed ALL THE TIME? With the new Apple TV, that they tout as being all about rentals and not storing any media, iTunes’s inability to serve up content quickly is going to be the weak link?

Great Timing

First I “move back” to the Bay Area a few weeks after Chris Solinsky runs 26:59 at Stanford. It was the first Cardinal Invite I’d missed in years.

That move back to the Bay Area from Portland meant that I missed the 2010 Pre Classic in Eugene in early July.

And now, today, as I’m lounging in bed in our NEW place in Portland, I get a text from Brian asking if I can make it down to San Francisco in time for Game One of the NLDS.

No thanks, Brian. I think I’ll just buy some shit at IKEA instead.


Making Task Entry Faster in Things Touch

When entering new tasks in Things Touch, I usually just name the task and file it in my Inbox to deal with later. But sometimes I want to tag them and/or file them away immediately. I find that tagging and filing away can take one step too many: choose the tag or project/area and then tap to go back to the task. Let’s make that faster.

The Many Error Messages of MLB.TV

The one where it says too many people are using my account was my favorite. What actually happened was the MLB At Bar 2010 app totally froze my iPad. I had to reboot the thing. I then got this message. I couldn’t get it to work on my computer, either, probably for the same reason. That HELP button you see? It’s not any help AT ALL. The HELP button on the “blackout” check error was no help, either, unless you didn’t know what the blackout restrictions are. And don’t even get me started on blackout restrictions. People in Eugene, Oregon can’t watch Giants games. That makes a LOT of sense.

iPad Multitasking *would* Be Nice

I just got my first real urge for multitasking on the iPad. I was watching a game on the MLB At Bat app, during a commercial break, and I wanted to check my email. Or Twitter. Or RSS. Or look up something on the web. But it takes too long (read: 15-30 seconds) to open the MLB app and get the game streaming again. So it doesn’t seem worth it. Usually closing an app isn’t a big deal because it’s fast and easy to open it back up. Not so with this MLB At Bat app.

I, and the rest of the tech world, will be flabbergasted if OS 4.0 doesn’t add 3rd party multitasking. I’m just wondering how it will work. How will you leave an app but keep it open? How will you close an app? Will the default Home button action change?

My interest is piqued.