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The reward of a thing well done...

Snow Leopard "Drag to Dock" Exposé = D.O.A.

I’ll keep this quick. The “drag to dock” Exposé feature I’d seen a demo of wasn’t working on my computer. Dragging items to icons in the dock did nothing. Boo. I figured it was some sort of conflict with Launchbar. Or Default Folder X. Or maybe even Sprited Away. Or Dropbox. Grrr… Nothing made it work. Then I got a flash of inspiration while I was somewhere between sleep and consciousness this morning (as I so often do). Turns out the solution was as simple as this:


Yeah, I had that box unchecked. I use the spring-loaded folders feature, I just don’t like it when folders accidentally open when I don’t want them to, so I’ve kept that unchecked and always just tapped the spacebar when I wanted to jump into a folder.

While I’m on the subject, the refinements that have been made to Exposé in Snow Leopard are very, very nice. At least if you, like me, are one of those folks who are really into the details and are possibly a little bit OCD. This nice little video on YouTube shows some of the refinements.