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Split Finder 1.1

I recently updated Split Finder to version 1.1. Then, sadly, I noticed a crash that could occur under certain situations. So I fixed that and submitted it to Apple. Wouldn’t you know it? The one time I submit an update that I really want to have approved quickly is the one time Apple took over a week to approve it. They must have moved a bunch of people from the iOS approval room to the Mac App Store approval room.

Split Finder Time Entry

So what’s new in Split Finder 1.1 (err, 1.1.1)? Much, much faster time entry. Whether you are entering the goal time for a race or the time for an intermediate split, time entry has been dramatically improved. In version 1.0, Split Finder used spinners to set the time. One spinner was for hours. One was for minutes. And another spinner was for seconds. The spinners are what Apple uses for setting alarms and timers in their own Clock app. So, I did what any iOS developer should do when in doubt about how to accomplish something: Just do what Apple does.

But using spinners to set times was a bad idea because it was far too slow and tedious. Now, with version 1.1 of Split Finder, you simply type the time using a number pad. If you need to enter a time of 19:25, just type “1925”. Using the new time entry screen will remind you of entering money amounts in an ATM1.

I also added ultra marathon race distances to this release.

That’s it! Enjoy it.

1 Yikes! I almost typed “ATM machine” there. My girlfriend would have scolded me for that one.