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Split Finder for iOS

Not too long ago, I wrote a quick reaction to Matt Mullenweg’s post that was essentially about shipping products before they are perfect since perfection is moving target that you’ll never hit.

So shortly before Christmas, my first iOS app, Split Finder, hit the App Store. A couple of days later, I released version 1.0.1 and am now working on version 1.1, which will make time entry dramatically faster than it is now.

Split Finder still isn’t perfect. I’ve got a list of features I’m thinking about adding. A lot of them I probably won’t add, because that will distract from the focus of the app. But it’s very exciting to have a real, live product out in the wild that anyone can buy and hopefully get some use out of. Getting version 1.0 out the door was the biggest hurdle. Refining is much easier by comparison.