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Splitcaster at the Prefontaine Classic


This past weekend was a big one for Splitcaster. Here’s a brief rundown of what Splitcaster was used for at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon:

  • Timed and broadcast a WR in the rarely run 30000m
  • Provided the best live coverage of the world-class Women’s 5000m race
  • Timed and broadcast a HS record in the Two Mile

Men’s 30000m

9200m Split was providing a live video feed of the race as it happened, which was great. But the viewing experience from home was made even better by following @TrackFocus on Twitter. That’s because Jim McDannald was posting splits for just about every single one of the 75 laps that were run. Each update posted by TrackFocus included the current estimated finish time as well as the pace of each lap that was run. If ever there was a great time to get live estimated finish times, it’s while watching a very long, rarely run race like the 30,000m. Hearing that they came through 9200m in 26:56.5 probably won’t mean much to you at all. But when you also see that that’s sub-1:28 30K pace, which was well under the world record, you know immediately that something big is happening.

Women’s 5000m

NBC owned exclusive rights to the Women’s 5000m, so had to point their cameras away from the track, leaving everyone in the dark. Once again, TrackFocus came to the rescue, posting live updates of the race with Splitcaster. Being at the track in person is best. Watching it live on TV is second best. But if you can’t do either of those things, getting live splits with pace information on Twitter is pretty good, I must say!

Men’s Two Mile

Like I said, watching track live on TV is a good alternative if you can’t be there. But sometimes TV coverage leaves a lot to be desired. While NBC was showing the Men’s Two Mile live, it was completely ignoring, and dare I save oblivious to, a subplot that thousands of track fans were interested in: Lukas Verzbicas’s attempt to break the High School record of 8:34. While NBC was focused on the leaders, TrackFocus was using Splitcaster to track Lukas, lap by lap, so we knew that he was running a great race and indeed broke the record by five seconds. I don’t think that NBC even mentioned his name once.

I want to say a huge “thank you” to Jim of TrackFocus for helping distance fans get the most out of the Pre Classic. I look forward to more and more races and meets being Splitcast live on Twitter!

Don’t have your copy of Splitcaster yet? Go get it!