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SSD Ordered

It was over three years ago that SSDs first caught my eye. And I’ve been drooling over them ever since. Today I placed an order for this bad boy. This is how I normally operate. Find out about something that I really, really, really want. Then wait a while, to make sure I still want it. Then wait least another year on top of that. Then finally pull the trigger.

The drive I bought is old, as far as SSDs go. But while a newer SSD might be twice as fast as this one in certain operations, this “old” SSD is going to be massively faster than the 512GB 5400RPM drive that’s been in my three year old MacBook Pro since day one. Not to mention the fact that my Mac is old enough that it doesn’t have 6G SATA built into it.

For the curious, I got the 240GB version. If you care, you can check out its price since late 2010. 240GB will be enough space for me. I’ve been keeping an eye on my disk usage for the past year or two to make sure of that. And I’m not going to baby the SSD by running some multi-drive setup that helps minimize the wear and tear on the SSD. Hell no. It’s going to be the one and only drive in my laptop. This particular drive has a good reputation for being reliable and durable, even under heavy usage. Performance degradation shouldn’t be a problem at all. I immediately regretted not ordering a cheap external case to hold the soon-to-be-homeless drive I’m pulling out of the laptop. The old 512GB drive will come in handy for backup. I might do a fresh install of Lion and user migration assistant. I might do a fresh install and migrate manually. I might just restore from a clone of my existing drive. Probably the latter, so I can get up and running as fast as possible.

Now to come up with some test to compare speed in real world scenarios…