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SuperDuper Smart Update - New Computer - Old Clone

When I moved from my iMac to my new MacBook Pro, I used Migration Assistant to move all my stuff over to the new machine. When it was time to make my first SuperDuper clone of the new machine, I thought I’d try to use SuperDuper’s Smart Update function to clone my new computer to the external hard drive that had a clone of the old hard drive.

Have I lost you yet?

Smart Update

My thought was that the data on the new hard drive would be pretty close to what I had on the old hard drive, so I could probably save some time by using Smart Update. I was correct. I did save a good chunk of time. A whole bunch of files still needed to be copied to the external clone, but I think it would have taken at least twice as long to do a full, fresh backup of the new computer. Thought I’d share this little tip to those of you who already use SuperDuper and are moving to a new computer.