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Unibody 17" MacBook Pro Battery

I love my new 17" MBP, but claiming that you can get 7 hours out of a charge while using the 9600M graphics is just a bit of a stretch. Unless, of course, that estimated battery life in the menu bar is way off. I’ll be lucky to get 5.5 hours and all I’ve been doing is light chatting on iChat, listening to music on low volume, and now I’m writing this blog post. I should also point out that, since it’s night time and I’m sitting in bed, my screen is on the lowest brightness setting. I’ve got to say that I’m kinda bummed about this :-/ It’s still good, no doubt, but I was expecting more based on some of the reviews I’d been reading about this machine’s amazing battery life. Oh well… I’ve give it a real test one of these days to confirm 5 to 5.5 hours is more like it.