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Watch Your Permissions!

I was working on getting this Autodesk project into my online portfolio and was having a problem: The videos wouldn’t play back from the server. Everything worked fine when testing locally on my machine. But from the server, the videos wouldn’t load. But then I got a clue. One of the groups of videos did work! Score! But why? Were they different file types and maybe my web server refused to recognize one of the types I was using? I’ve run into issues before where a server didn’t recognize a file type and simply changing the extension fixed the problem. But that didn’t make sense. I had a couple dozen of these videos and I created them with the same settings. So why did some of the videos work but most didn’t?

Then I saw it, as I compared the file info.

Movie Permissions

See that at the bottom? Why the heck are the permissions for these files different? Let’s see if changing the permissions of the offending files fixes things. (Yes, of course it does.)

Extra hint: There are a few ways to change the permissions of these files on the server. I could change them locally and upload the new files. But that’s a waste of bandwidth. I could connect to the server directly and edit the permissions with the command line. That’s what a real geek would do, but I’ll use a GUI whenever I can. Thankfully Transmit (you have Transmit, don’t you?) gives me a GUI to do just what I need to do.

Transmit Permissions

I can’t imagine an easier way to change permissions of multiple files. Finder won’t even let you change permissions of more than one file easily. Path Finder probably could. And you can certainly do it with the command line. But I really like the way Transmit handles it.

Extra extra hint Transmit isn’t just for FTP. Use it as a local file system explorer. For a number of things, it’s better than Finder.