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Why Does Parallels Insist on Handling Certain File Types?

I noticed that a .jsfl file was suddenly associated with Flash CS4. Not my Mac install of Flash CS4, but the Flash CS4 demo that was installed in Windows Vista running in a Parallels virtual machine. I have no idea how that happened.

Next, and more troubling, I noticed that when I run my “Test in Flash CS4” command in TextMate, it tries to test it in Flash ON THE WINDOWS VIRTUAL MACHINE! I can’t really blame Windows for this. Parallels somehow screwed things up. But I figured going into Parallels to remove my expired Flash CS4 demo from Vista would fix things.

No such luck. When I edit my ActionScript class in TextMate and then try to build the SWF with Flash using my handy TextMate command, it tried to load Flash CS4 in Windows, which doesn’t even exist any more.

This sucks. Windows somehow figures out a way to bite me in the ass.

Update: I found a fix

Somehow certain file types got associated with apps installed in Windows. You can change these on an file type by file type basis, but since I NEVER WANT A FILE TO OPEN IN WINDOWS BY DEFAULT, I could just remove that functionality from Parallels. “Parallels > Virtual Machine > Configure… > Options” and uncheck the “Share Windows Apps with Mac OS X” box. Problem solved.


I need to mention that I first went in to the SmartSelect Associations and saw that a bunch of files were associated with Windows apps. Ahem… I meant to say that they were associated with Windows apps that I “uninstalled.” And when I say “uninstalled” I mean “apparently just sort of removed from the Windows virtual machine.”