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Xcode 4 and BetterTouchTool Problem?

I’ve been using and, for the most part, enjoying Xcode 4 for the past month or two. But there’s been one really horrible problem I’ve been having with it. For reasons I can’t figure out, there would be times when it would become unresponsive. Or, more accurately, there would be a lag between when you do something and when it would actually happen. So, I could click someplace, but I would have to click again until the first click would be applied. And then the next time I did something, either clicking or typing, the second click would be applied. I could type a bunch of text but it wouldn’t appear until I clicked someplace on the interface. Then all the text would appear. I also couldn’t Command-Tab back to Xcode.

This delayed reaction would cause all sort of problems, including really destructive behavior from time to time. And the best way I could find to get things working again was to switch to another app, then click on the Xcode window. Then switch away from Xcode again and, once again, click on the Xcode window. Over and over again until Xcode was responsive again. It’s been nightmarish.

But I think I found a fix.

The fix? Simply not running BetterTouchTool. Which is a shame because BetterTouchTool is awesome. But since I’ve quit BTT, Xcode hasn’t given me problems. Yet. I could be wrong, and if I am I’ll update this post, but I think the problem has been solved. I did notice there’s an update to BTT, which I’ve now installed. But I haven’t checked to see if the updated version has fixed the problem. I’ll follow up once I try it.

Update: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a quick follow up. I’ve been running the updated version of BetterTouchTool for the past couple of weeks and I haven’t had the aforementioned problems with Xcode 4 anymore. So my unscientific conclusion is that it was BetterTouchTool that was causing the maddening weirdness with Xcode but the developer has fixed that problem.